Set Design - Model Miniature FX

'2084', also know as 'Lorca and the Outlaws', is a lethargic British Sci-Fi movie of the year 1984.
Roger Christian, the Set Decorator of 'Star Wars' and Art Director of 'Alien', directed this 
terribly clumsy little flick.
Police Robots in horribly bad 'man in suit' costumes terrorizing a handful of kiddies on the 
'Planet of the Apes'. This calls for rebellion!
But the characters are too vapid and one-dimensional to be taken seriously.
A powerless and silly movie with a bitty screenplay and a corny score. 
Yet there are rare bright moments. 
Solid professional jobs on the Set Design and the miniature effects have kept me awake.
'2084' - pure moon-city-garbage!

'Redwing' Shuttle Cockpit Design by Roman Automotive - A full-size Set.

An impressive and elaborate set.
The randomly glued computer boards (top left) are embarrassing...
A neat set, powered by IBM?
Movie Scene (35mm slide)
35mm slide - German Lobby Card.
The gloomy and industrial design of the sets is pretty cool. German Lobby Card.
'2084' Set - A dark corridor inside of a spaceship (Redwing Shuttle). Alien Style.
Sun Studio Redwing.
Many helpless 'grin and grimace' actors and only one I can remember, Hugh Keays-Byrne.
He is playing a bounty hunter in '2084' (photo). 
One of his most memorable roles was 'Toecutter', the merciless leader of a motorcycle gang that 
terrorised the outback in 'Mad Max'.
Hugh Keays-Byrne on a German Lobby Card.
...we are on a mining planet.
Lost in the desert...
Mort Bay Studio (Sydney) Set - Visual Effects.
'Dune'? - A screenshot of the inadequate DVD release.
'2084' - Redwing Shuttle production Art.
Production Art.
Brian Smithies (The Dark Crystal, Dune, Aliens, Bond) was the Miniature Effects Supervisor of the show.
All the model miniature stuff was shot in England.
Shuttle Model Miniature.
Brian Smithies had a superb crew of model makers for the Shuttle miniature sequences.
Bill Pearson, Gary Faulkner, Nigel Trevessey, Tom Wilkinson, Les Gay and Stuart Jones, all masters of their craft.
The scene with the Shuttle miniature in the docking bay, breaking through the massive overhead doors, 
is pretty well staged.
Something is coming from below ... The DVD release is a bad show. 
Noisy image, I would like to see these scenes on a bluray!
The Redwing Shuttle has a little bit of 'Dune' (Brian Smithies!).
Early announcement poster/ad of '2084'.
Design components for the poster/ad.