Greenscreen Composites

'Air Force One' is a dynamic and exciting action movie with many visual surprises.
The excellent Visual Effects were mainly produced by Richard Edlund's BOSS FILM STUDIOS 
(Supervisor James E.Price) and CINESITE (Supervisor Brad Kuehn).
The BOSS Model Shop boys built a fleet of high-end aircraft models in an enormous 1/10 scale.
The Air Force One 747, a KC-10 tanker, several F-15 Eagles and Mig-29 jets.
Several models were built as special Pyro models for explosion effect shots.
The Visual Effect Crews managed plenty of wonderful model shots and greenscreen composites.
Some of the CGI elements dampen the joy a little.
The CGI crash scene of the AFO and the end is, let's say, a little thin.
For this purpose, it must be said, of course, that it is extremely difficult to shoot 
a crash of an airplane model horizontally to a horizontal surface (the sea).
But this CGI scene .... looks like from an old computer game, mediocre.
Really outstanding succeeded are the greenscreen compositing sequences in the 
parachute ramp of the AFO and the C-130 Hercules.
I also really like the air-to-air/mid-air zip-line rescue scenes.
Let's have a look at the Blue-/Greenscreen composite shots in 'Air Force One'.

Blue backing scenes in the beginning of the movie. 
A paratroopers command attacked the palace of the evil General Radek (Jürgen Prochnow)...
using very special army parachutes that could change color in flight(!?).

Gary Oldman is the enthusiastic tough terrorist Ivan Korshunov.
Director Wolfgang Petersen is discussing the scene with Gary Oldman.
Wolfgang Petersen (Director) is playing a scene with the President of the United States, Harrison Ford.
Director Wolfgang Petersen and DOP Michael Ballhaus.
Peekaboo! - The President fights back.
The President is hanging outside of the AFO on the opened cargo ramp.
In the background explodes the KC-10 Tanker. A terrific effects shot.
It really looks like a physical in-camera effect...but it of course is a composite shot.
Dangling in the wind ... with burning shoes!
Harrison Ford
Major Caldwell (William H.Macy) tries to help the President.
An outstanding sequence of greenscreen compositing with a very well done cloud cover.
The greenscreen shot with William H.Macy and Harrison Ford.
Sony Studios - Stage 15.
The final composited finished scene.
Gary Oldman  Harrison Ford
Shortly before the decisive fight on the parachute ramp of the AFO.
Another great greenscreen composite shot. Look at the smoothly floating cloud cover.
All greenscreen shots are well-orchestrated on the giant Stage 15 in the Sony Studios (?).
Here we see the crew preparing a shot in the full-size tail model section of the C-130 Hercules.
The President is fighting with Korshunov (Gary Oldman).
'Get off my plane!'
Filming the Scene - Director Wolfgang Petersen.
The President throws the criminal off the plane...
A rescue mission starts.
The AFO is 'hanging' on the rescue line of the Hercules.
Look at this - a green stage. 
Only the parachute ramp and a few parts of the tail of the Hercules are not veiled in green.
The greenscreen scenes are cleaned up (cables,...) and together with the desired background 
(cloud cover) you get the final composited finished scene.
The First Lady is ready for a bumpy ride on the rescue line to the C-130.
The raw setup of the greenscreen (composite) shot. 
Only a small part of the fuselage with the door is needed for the scene. 
The actors/stuntmen and even the cameraman are hanging in special wire rigs.
The First Lady is rescued. From the AFO on the rescue line to Hercules.
Actually this was filmed with stuntmen (the actors?) hanging on wires on overhead tracks, 
and with travelling (rail) rigs for movements in all directions.
All filmed by a cameraman hanging in a similar rig.
A bumpy ride, but a safe rescue.
Who is the cameraman hanging in the rig with an ARRI Camera on his shoulder?
Standing on the left side in the background the famous Visual Effects Supervisor 
Richard Edlund (BOSS).
Harrison Ford - Director Wolfgang Petersen. 
Air Force One 
The President is ready for take off!
Greenscreen composite with the part of the fuselage I've shown you before.
Take Off! Yay...this is fun!
... or maybe not! Harrison Ford within the Whirlwind.
Harrison Ford hanging in the rig. Sony Studios.
Some first tests in the wire rig. Up and down...
Can I make a few rolls?
Who are the guys next to Harrison Ford?
Okay, here we go! Have a good flight!
Harrison Ford hanging in the wire rig. The windmachines are waiting for the green light.
Screenshot of the movie scene.
The final composited finished scene.
Harrison Ford - Greenscreen shot with the windmachines running on hurricane level.

For real daylight shots, or for other reasons, the blue-/greenscreen is set up outdoors.
Directly on location or at a suitable place.
Here I show you a bluescreen setup with a Cobra helicopter for the Action Bomb 'Con Air'.
Painted backings and photographic backings can provide further opportunities 
for visual effects.
Here you can see a huge photographic backing for the movie 'Matrix'.
A Huey (without rotor) on wires 'flies' very close to a few skyscrapers.
Experienced movie buffs will recognize dozens of greenscreen composite shots 
in 'Matrix'! Have a look!