Blue-/Greenscreen composites

'Bedazzled' stars Brendan Fraser as Elliot Richards, a hapless young man consumed by 
unrequited love and desperate to change his life.
Liz Hurley plays the Devil, who slyly promises to do just that ...for a price.
Elliot strikes a deal with the Devil, a lusty, drop-dead gorgeous woman with a wicked 
sense of humor.
In exchange for Elliot's soul, the temptress will grant him seven wishes.
'Bedazzled' - the blue and greenscreen composites.

Liz Hurley is the Devil.

Elliot is in trouble...
He asks to be rich, powerful and married to Alison (Frances O'Connor).
When he awakens the next morning, he discover's he's all that and more as a 
Colombian drug lord.
Elliot, the drug lord, falls from a helicopter - Bluescreen composite.
Brendan Fraser in wire rig, shaken by a couple of wind machines.
Elliot is learning the hard way to be careful what he wishes for.
Elliot as a basketball superstar.
Wow - Elliot is the #34 of the 'Diablos'. Movie scene.
A superstar powered by a wire rig.
Make-up artist Ben Nye and prosthetics expert Matthew Mungle built an enormous head for 
the giant basketball-playing Elliot. Hair stylist Robert Hallowell fashioned two 
jumbo-sized hairpieces, one of which was used for a gag involving the character's non-stop 
and torrential sweating. The three artists changed the shape of Fraser's ears and 
added a bald cap and forehead that would blend seamlessly into his skin tones.
Go Elliot. 
The Devil, always a step ahead of him, is dishing up hilariously subversive versions 
of Elliot's desires, turning each of his new lives into a living hell.
Elliot breaks all NBA records, but unfortunately his 'equipment' doesn't measure up.
Liz Hurley the Bikini Devil. 
The Visual Effects were in the professional hands of the Rhythm & Hues Studios.
Richard Edlund was there to oversee all the Visual Effects on 'Bedazzled'.
Brendan Fraser in a wire rig - bluescreen hell.
Movie scene.
Costume designer Deena Appel worked closely with Elizabeth Hurley to design the Devil's 
intimidating and titillating garb.
Liz Hurley: 'I decided that I wanted to look like a cross between Cruella de Vil and a softcore porn star.'
On the trident of the devil. Damn hot here!
Brendan Fraser hanging on the Devil's trident. Studio bluecreeen shot.
That looks pretty funny - All I see is blue.
Bloody hell, there's always a catch!
Bluescreen/CGI - Finished composition.
Elliot falls into hell. A little rowing with his arms and a wind machine.
A lissome dancer.
In the storm from the front and from behind.
Elliot gains the affections of a dream girl without the 'help' of the leggy devil.
Greenscreen under the open sky.
Elliot (Brendan Fraser) - Nicole (Frances O'Connor)
What's going on here? I have a few 35mm slides showing Brendan and Liz on a Ivy high-lift.
Might be scenes in the Devil's Club 'DV8'...or a cut scene?
Looks a bit comical with the two boys sitting on boxes there holding up a blanket.