Lance Anderson - Skull Cowboy

It's Devil's Night in the inner city, a fiery eve of decadence and debauchery, when working-class 
rocker Eric Draven and his fiancee are brutally killed by Top Dollar's band of toughs.
Exactly one year later, Eric is resurrected by forces he cannot explain and returns to the city of his demise to exact his revenge.
Endowed with preternatural strength and vision, and watched over by a hypnotic black crow, 
the spirit guide between the world of the living and realm of the dead, Eric avenges his pain 
by taking down the city's master criminal and his remorseless thugs.
The renowned Lance Anderson was on the show for some gothic horror imagery make-up effects.
Lance used extensive prosthetics for the atmospheric show, but not every artifical body part can be seen in the film.
After a few years working at Stan Winston Studio ('Heartbeeps', 'The Thing') and on B-Movie flicks 
like 'Parasite', Lance started his own studio, Make-up Designs, Inc., and did make-up effects 
for movies like 'Shattered', 'The X-Files' and 'Wild Wild West'.
Together with his son David Leroy Anderson he founded the AFX Studio (2005).
Both were nominated for an Academy Award for their make-up work on 'Cinderella Man'.

Polaroids of the Brandon Lee makeup by Lance Anderson

An eerie resemblance to the orginal drawings by James O'Barr - Gothic urban rock'n'roll.
Lance Anderson and Brandon Lee (The Crow) on set.
Cuts - FX prosthetics & makeup 
The final makeup - Splatterpunk
Cuts and gunshot wounds, Lance had some work to do.
Lance giving Sofia Shinas the final bloody touches (Polaroid).
Makeup FX - Michael Wincott is Top Dollar, the ruler of the city. 
Bai Ling with special Crow makeup.
Beak FX by Lance Anderson. Lance 'The crow' pecks the eyes out of a latex head mask (Bai Ling).
Cherry Jam.
Now its time for the skeletal figure of death, the Skull Cowboy.
B-Movie torpedo Michael Berryman is the Skull Cowboy.
Lance Anderson designed a skeleton suit for Berryman with exposed ribs and an elaborate 
prosthetic makeup.
Some first photos of Michael in the studio of Lance Anderson.
It's always a pleasure to see Michael Berryman in one of his B-Movie crackers.
He is great in 'The Hills have Eyes', 'Rock Aliens', 'Cut and Run' and so many others.
Michael is still very active and kicking.
Sculpting the head of the Skull Cowboy.
To bad for Berryman, Anderson and for us, that the handsome Skull Cowboy was dropped in 
The Skull Cowboy live-action figure was one of the most impressive works of Lance for the film, 
next to the terrific mechanical crows.
The Skull Cowboy - Lance Anderson
A surreal messenger of the dead.
Special Make-Up Effects Artist Lance Anderson and Michael Berryman (Skull Cowboy) on set 
in the freezing mud of the Carolco Studios backlot.
The Death of 'Top Dollar' (Michael Wincott). 
The poor guy fell from the roof of the church straight into a sculpture of the devil.
Lance Anderson, on the ladder, prepares the grisly scene.
Top Dollar is pierced by the stone tips of the sculpture.
A test with the actor. Michael Wincott seems quite alive...
...but not for long! A blood and guts makeup design by Lance Anderson.
An article about the mechanized Crows developed by Lance Anderson can be found here: Mechanical Marvels
Brandon Lee and Director Alex Proyas on Set.
Articles about the atmospheric design, the architecture and the model miniatures in 'The Crow' are already 
in the planning stage.