The special make-up effects artist Carl Fullerton can look back on over 40 years of experience.
He is one of the best all round make-up craftsman in the biz today.
In his young years he got the chance to observe the make-up master Dick Smith work on movies 
like 'The Sunshine Boys' and 'Taxi Driver'.
He took his chance, learned much from Dick Smith and worked with him for several years ('Wolfen', 'The Hunger').
Carl did effects for horror flicks like 'Friday The 13th: Part II' and designed some bonny cadavers for 'Gorky Park'.
He worked for Director Brian de Palma on 'Casualties of War' and did some great make-up effects 
for the Jonathan Demme hit 'The Silence of the Lambs'.
In the late 90s he became the personal make-up artist for Denzel Washington and did almost all of his films.
Carl Fullerton earned two Academy Award nominations. 
One for 'Remo Williams' and the other for 'Philadelphia'.
For his exceptional work on 'Remo Williams' he was very very close to victory.
I can proudly present a (probably) never published before photo documentation 
about Carls achievements with Joel Grey (Chiun) on the 'Remo' show.
In 'Remo Williams' Carl Fullerton had to transform the lithe dancer Joel Grey into a 
Korean Martial Arts Grandpa (Chiun).
Carl:'A great challenge and a wonderful opportunity.'
Carl Fullerton (left) begins his challenging work with Joel Grey. 
Hair artist Frank Bianco (right) takes care of the hair.
His mane of dark hair was cropped close to his head, and dyed a sandy grey, while his 
skin was given the texture or rice paper.
The marathon make-up sessions, very early in the morning, often lasted several hours.
Joel Grey usually slept in the chair during the make-up sessions in the 
Estudios Churubusco (Mexico).
Joel:'It was like undergoing surgery. You watch yourself in the mirror as you age, 
until you disappear and a new face emerges.'
To protect the actor's skin from irritations, Joel Grey would never be on call more 
than two days in the row.
Changing faces - Joel Grey turned into Chiun, an old mystic Korean Sinanju master.
Carl Fullerton - A new nose for Chiun. Foam latex nose tip. Joel sleeps.
carl:'I ask this Asian man I met at a gas station if he would allow me to take a life 
cast of him for study purposes. I did what was going to be the final look literally 
over a weekend... The first concept is the one we finally went with.'
Joel Grey:'You know, Grasshopper, first thought is the best thought...'
That became a mantra on that film.
The eyes and especially the moveable eyelids were very tricky to develop for Carl Fullerton.
Carl:'It took me several days of filming where I was sweating bullets to finally figure out 
how to glue the lids on so they would work properly. At first, I thought the problem I was 
having was in the sculpture, so I fabricated about seven or eight pairs of lids, thinking 
that would eleviate the problem. Eventually, I realized it was in the method I used to 
adhere them to the actor's own eyelids. That problem solved, I finally felt relieved that I 
had accomplished my original task. I feel that the look was an effective make-up for the time...'
Work on the neck - Carl sculpted a special 'Korean' neck piece.
A natural skin color and natural transitions between the prosthetic appliances
(two side face pieces).
My name is Chiun.
An outstanding work of the make-up artist Carl Fullerton.
Chiun (Joel Grey) in front of the 'Statue of Liberty' mockup built by the production 
designer Jackson De Govia and his mexican crew from the Churubusco Studio on a mountain near 
Iztapalapa (Mexico).
All Carl Fullerton comments are taken from the extensive career retrospective interview with 
Carl in the 'Make-Up Artist' Magazine, Issue#25, 2000.
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Interesting interviews with actor Joel Grey and make-up magician Carl Fullerton.