Ding Dong, you're dead!

Back in the golden 80s many thrilling Horror movies were filmed by small companies 
with limited financial resources, but with very creative people in the background.
The Steve Miner (Friday the 13th) surprise 'HOUSE' is a wonderful example.
A horrifying and surprisingly funny little Creature Film.
The Make Up Effects crew of creature designer and supervisor James Cummins made the very best 
out of the moderate budget. 
The inventiveness and ingenuity of the creature crew, craftsmen like Larry Odien, Eric Fiedler, 
Brian Wade, Steve Burg, Shannon Shea, James Cummins and others, conjured up a bunch of 
mind-boggling creepy creatures.
The smell of latex, fiberglass dust swirling around - Monster makers magic.

German Lobby Card of the 'House', a real victorian house built 1887.
You will find the location with Google street view here:
329 Melrose Ave., Monrovia, California 91016.
Watercolor illustration of creature designer James Cummins.

Mold maker Brent Baker with Curt 'Big Ben' Wilmont.
A cast for a fiberglass under-skull.
Big Ben - Curt Wilmont.
Life cast of Curt - Are you alright, Curt? Richard Snell and Curt - Hang in there, boy!

The final touch for the Ben/curt cast.
Sculpting the skeleton body part of the torso of Ben ...with a little extra!
Little Ben.
Another concept design of James Cummins.
The Head of Ben - From watercolor to sculpture.
Ben on Set. Some last fixings of the creature crew.
The Ben Suit consisted of different foam-latex parts.
Bill Sturgeon was the mechanic and positioned the servos and 
receiver for the radio-controlled effects on the fiberglass under-skull mask.
German Lobby Card - Ben in action.
James Cummins watercolor design of the War Demon.
The Neck of the War Demon was sculpted by Brian Wade.
Sculptor Brian Wade. 
The War Demon, once ready assembled, was an enormous creature.
Quite a lot of crew members were needed to operate this monster with its 
different cable controls.
William Katt (Roger Cobb) meets the War Demon.
James Cummins design for the Sandy Witch.
Kay Lenz (Sandy) meets her alter ego for the first time.
They had a coffee together ...and talked about their beautiful fingernails.
The body suit for the witch is in the works.
Fine working with Larry Odien. Steve Burg  with last corrections on the foam-latex body suit.
Monster Maker Shannon Shea caresses Sandy the Witch.
Sculpting a Witch.
Sandy the Witch. Hey hey, do not run away now ... Who builds me up? 
Fresh out of the mold - What a lovely young girl!
Monster making in the '80s.
Makeup for Sandy the witch. Steve Burg  colors the foam-latex mask.
The makeup highlights her natural beauty.
The creature workshop of horror ...and humor.
Fiberglass under mask for foam-latex witch mask. Preparations for installing mechanical effects.
The Witch is getting a few little extras. Brian Wade with a foam-latex mask.
On the ground, the Marlin sculpted by Eric Fiedler.
Creature crew Queens Lauren Vogt and Tracy Fletcher-Shea. Lauren Vogt started her career in the team of Chris Walas ('Enemy Mine').
Shortly after the 'House' production she joined 'ILM' and was part of the crew that 
sculpted the dancing Alien figure for 'Spaceballs'.
A new leg for the witch.
Latex paws. A loving manicure ...by monster craftsman Shannon Shea.
Sandy, are you sure?
The good and the evil twin.
The great technician Larry Odien built the smart animatronic hand.
A nice gimmick for the show.
Larry Odien became more and more a specialist in mechanical and animatronic effects 
during his long and still active career.
Creature designer and makeup effects supervisor James Cummins is giving Sandy the finishing touches.
The excellent sculptor James Cummins died much too soon, 2010, at the age of 51. 
DOP Mac Ahlberg - Sandy, you look younger than ever...
Sandy - The Witch
Richard Snell sculpting the teeth for the demonic boy.
Richard Snell working on the Demonic Boy.
Dr.Snell, the dentist of horror.
Richard Snell went on to become a true top-rounder of prosthetic and special effects makeup.
Sadly, he passed of heart failure in 2006 during the filming of a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie.
Richard did the dental prosthetics on that show.
The Demonic Kidz
Richard Snell gives his best - Boy, you should nibble fewer sweets!
What a nutcracker! Great job.
I'm searching 'HOUSE' material for the scary winged demon, a mechanical puppet of Jim Belohovek 
and the Marlin creature of Eric Fiedler.
If I get some good material together I will present an extension to this monster makers story.

But first I'd like to recommend you the great blog by Shannon Shea.
shannon was part of the Make Up Effects crew on 'House' and he can tell 
some great stories. You look here: Monster Blog
Special thanks to Monster Maker Shannon Shea for his very helpful assistance!