Pictured here is Rodd Redwing, a renowned quick-draw artist, at his Hotel in London (1968).
Rodd Redwing has taught most of the film Cowboys to handle a .45 and usually done the shooting. 
Mr. Redwing's latest pupil is Sean Connery in his first Western role ("Shalako"). 
He is teaching 007 that there are other guns than the Beretta which have a licence to kill. 
Rodd Redwing coached the "Shalako" Stars (Sean Connery, Stephen Boyd, Brigitte Bardot,...) in use of 
firearms on location in Spain. 
The "fastest gun in the World" coached and instructed many other Western Stars in the art of fast draw and 
firearms handling. 
Alan Ladd ("Shane"), Burt Lancaster ("Vera Cruz") and Robert Mitchum ("El Dorado"), just to name a few, 
and he had many roles in movies and TV shows ("Rawhide", "Bonanza", "Gunsmoke", "Wagon Train",...). 
Rodd was able to pull his six-gun out of the holster and shoot in two-tenths of a second! Record! 
He was one of the top instructors in Hollywood for most kinds of "Western Movie" weapons 
(gun, knife, tomahawk, whip). 
An excellent Trick Shooter and a true Western Show Star!
Stephen Boyd is trying different firearms on location near Playa de Monsul (Cabo de Gata/Almeria). 
Rodd Redwing had all his firearms sent to spain for the Edward Dmytryk Western "Shalako" to coach 
the actors and take a part in the film as the wise father of Chato, played by Woody Strode. 
For an on location report click here: Fort Shalako.
The filming of 'Shalako', Las Salinillas, Almeria (Spain). 
Sean Connery is swinging his rifle like a baseball bat.
Rodd has probably shown him the versatile uses of a Winchester.
Sean trained hard on his stroke technique ...on the wild golf course in the desert of Almeria (Spain).
It was certainly not easy to find the balls again!
In 1971 Rodd Redwing returned to southern spain as "technical Advisor" for the Terence Young Western "Red Sun". 
He coached Charles Bronson, Alain Delon and the others in use of firearms. 
Shortly afterwards Rodd passed away. 
He died of a heart attack on the flight back from the "Red Sun" production in Spain to Los Angeles, 1971. 
Death over the clouds - A real Western hero with a tragic ending.
Rodd Redwing, 1904-1971.