Making of 'near beer'

'The Untouchables' is a stylish action thriller, telling a classic American story of 
good versus evil during one of the most thrilling eras in American history.
It is a film about corruption, innocence and perseverance; how attractive corruption can be, 
and the high stakes that upholding a moral code can demand.
Director Brian de Palma points out,'It's probably different from anything I've done in the past, 
because it's a traditional Americana picture, like a John Ford picture, with a tremendous 
amount of integrity in the characters. Having people shoot and fall has no real excitement value, 
unless you make it an extension of the characters and their involvement with each other. 
Then it has a powerful visceral force.'
The clatter of machine gun fire - On Set with 'The Untouchables'.

It was a time of gang wars, crime syndicates and trigger men.

Director Brian de Palma with composer Ennio Morricone. 
The excellent lyrical score of Morricone is supporting the film significantly.
Only the 'John Ford' sequence of 'The Untouchables' was filmed outside of Chicago.
The old Hardy Bridge, which spans the Missouri river, was chosen for its spectacular period look.
The 'Hardy Bridge' sequence is pretty impressive, good old Western Style.

Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Kevin Costner and Charles Martin Smith relax during a break.
In the background you can see the 'Western cabin'.
The Gunsmith has everything under control. Please do not push, everyone gets one!
Stunt show. A rumrunner is falling from the Hardy Bridge, hit by a bullet.
Gary Hymes was the Stunt coordinator for the show.
Kevin Costner in the vastness of the rural frontier. What a contrast to the grim reality 
of the streets of Chicago.
Chicago's Union Station was chosen as the setting for the bloody shoot-out between the 
Untouchables and the mob.
Kevin Costner and Director Brian de Palma discuss the climactic scene.
The stunning Union Station steps sequence is a breathtaking homage to the famous Odessa steps 
montage in Sergei Eisenstein's masterpiece , 'The Battleship Potemkin' (1925).
German Lobby Card - Chicago Union Station.
A baby buggy in jeopardy.
Stunt Coordinator Gary Hymes (left) volunteered the talents of his eighteen-month-old son, 
Collin, who was inside the baby carriage for some scenes.
Stephen Burum was the director of photography on 'The Untouchables'.
He celebrated further success with Brian de Palma on movies like 'Casualties of War', 'Carlito's Way' or 'Mission: Impossible'.
According to location manager Eric Schwab, it took twenty crew members two weeks to prepare the 
station for the scene: 'So much light was required (fifty-four giant 10,000 candle-power lamps) 
to illuminate the space that the local utility company had to increase its flow of power to the station.'
A visual stunning sequence.
Bursting blood bags, playing time for special effects coordinator Allen Hall.
The camera man protects his camera.
Filming the close-ups of the Baby in the carriage, Collin Hymes.
Mama Hymes is there (?) and a crew guy holds up a stuffed toy.
Collin is in high spirits...
Close-ups of Andy Garcia.
The Chicago Cultural Center provided its rooftop for the setting of the deadly confrontation 
between Ness (Kevin Costner) and vicious Frank Nitti (Billy Drago). 
Billy Drago did all the stunts himself. 
He is the perfect Frank Nitti, Capone's number one torpedo.
Billy Drago hanging on a rope from the roof.
The Torpedo in trouble.
The bluescreen flight ...without landing gear. 
Nitti was able for some wild rowing with arms during his short-haul flight.
Instead of hanging him in a wire rig, the crew decided to use a bracket (with straps) on the back.
Enjoy the flight ...and be careful when landing!
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