Amalgamated Dynamics - Full Moon FX

'WOLF' is an upscale werewolf movie with a world-famous actor already halfway towards 
being a werewolf, visual effects by ILM (Supervisor Scott Farrar), excellent makeup work by 
Rick Baker and very special animatronic FX by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.
Let the full moon rise.

A wolf bite refreshes the parts other animals cannot reach.
Jacks senses are better than ever, he is full of energy and verve.

Dressed to kill ...ready for a little hunting trip. 
The things get out of hand ...and there's no stopping him.
The 'Pissoir scene'. 
There is a good side to being a werewolf, before it goes to far.
Jack feels young, tough and vital and pees his rival to his feet.
"I'm just marking my territory, and you got in the way."
Jacks diabolical grin - Rick Baker accentuated Jack Nicholsons naturally wolfish countenance...
Jack in the makeup chair of genius Rick Baker. 
The James Spader makeup took several hours, Nicholson was ready in an hour and a half.
Some hairs glued on the face, some ears, a little piece in between the eyes and a little 
bit of bridge on the nose ...ready to rumble.
Hunting on the local deer crossing.
The experts of Amalgamated Dynamics (Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff) designed a pretty realistic cable-controlled deer.
Wolfman Jack Nicholson hunts down a kills a sweet little deer.
A mechanical puppet built by the effects house Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI).
Only the front part of the deer was needed for the scene, with a cable-controlled head and torso.
Alec Gillis (like Tom Woodruff a boy of the Stan Winston shop) putting finishing touches to the deer.
You might take a look on the Amalgamated website for a short making of movie about the deer in action with Jack.
Running wild - Rick Baker makeup.
Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff created silicone skin puppet heads for the climactic dogfight scene.
The ADI boys built several articulated, animatronic puppet heads and wolf puppets for the show.
A clay model of Jack Nicholson's head is prepared for a silicone cast.
Fine details are applied on the clay head.
From a first clay head to a cable-controlled mask of Jack Nicholson.
The ADI crew did a great job.
Animatronic Wolfman Jack.
The jaws had double pivots allowing the mouth to open especially wide.
In the next step the silicone skin is pulled over the head.
ADI wolfman crew member Gino Acevedo and Alec Gillis check the skin and hair.
Gino Acevedo (ADI) adds color to the silicone skin.
Special effects hair expert Karin Hansen (ADI) designs the eyebrows.
She also did the hair fx for the James Spader (bad wolf) head puppet.
Hundreds of hairs must be implanted.
The eyes are something special for the animatronic wolf and head puppets as the humanity of 
the werewolf was reflected mostly in the eyes.
And the eyes will get some animatronic FX - The pupils can be constricted, the eyelids are movable. 
Gino Acevedo built the artificial, bloodshot eyes. 
All handpainted with fine red veins on the pupils.
Eyeballs suffused with blood.
A pair of eyes for a magical creature - ADI workshop.
A wolf head of clay is designed to get a cast for the silicone puppet/animatronic head.
Details worked out precisely. Eyes and fangs were made separately.
A magical creature.
The 'Amalgamated Wolf' - a very rare and endangered species.
Some animatronic gadgetry hides under the silicone.
With all these animatronic FX it was possible to move the head extremely realistic.
Even the twitching of individual muscles was possible.
Upper and lower jaws of an animatronic wolf - A snap trap.
A cable-controlled Wolf gets his fur - The 'Michelle' wolf in the Amalgamated Studio.
The ADI crew studied the anatomy of a wolf in zoos and on Video before they started to 
design the mechanical Wolf Pack. 
Animatronic wolves with numerous motion functions (cable-controlled).
Headless through the night...
The head for the stunning animatronic Wolf.
Some scenes were shot in New York in the 'Old Westbury Gardens' and the 'Mayflower Hotel'.
The publishing company office of Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) is in the 'Bradbury' Building, 
in downtown Los Angeles.
Filming in the 'Bradbury', Los Angeles. 
Different movie productions used this great building. You might remember 'Blade Runner'.
A large set was built in the Sony Studios for the showdown between good wolf and 
bad wolf, Jack Nicholson and James Spader.
Learn more about Amalgamated Dynamics here: studioadi

Amalgamated Dynamics (Tom Woodruff) won an Oscar (1993) for their visual FX in 'Death becomes her'. 
These guys have a long list of great creature movies with excellent FX under their belt.
I recently saw 'Tremors' again, gorgeous trash!
Alec Gillis (right) with the Helen (Goldie Hawn) puppet and a puppeteer (Chris Hunt?).